Monthly Meeting May

Due to popular demand from our South Jersey members, we are hosting our next Monthly Meeting in a different location!

Wash ‘n Shine – Parade Laps Night – May 15, 2019 7:00 PM at New Jersey Motorsports Park

We are SO EXCITED to have the Monthly May 15th Meeting at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ.  We wanted to try and include members from South Jersey for this event who can’t usually make the monthly meetings at Bung's.

So this year, the annual Wash ‘n Shine Monthly Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 15th at the New Jersey Motorsports Park Officer’s Club parking lot.

New Jersey Motorsports Park has also given us access to the track for a few “Parade Laps”.  You will be able to take your car on the track and experience the great excitement that many club racers and members enjoy.

Wash ‘n Shine Judging will be handled by Nick Katsikis.

Pizza, wings and beer will be served.

We urge all South Jersey members to attend so that we can host more events at this location in the future!