Tom Stolz wears a wry smile while suited up behind the wheel of his Monster Spec Boxster

Meet our Treasurer

Meet our Treasurer Tom Stolz

I became a member with PCA Schattenbaum in 2015, when a Club member invited me down to a DE. I thought it looked like a blast, driving around the track as fast as I could, with no police and radar traps…what could be better?! 

Not really certain where my love for Porsches began, but after graduating from college in 1977, and getting my first full time job with a public accounting firm, I bought my first day driver, a 1976 BMW 2002. Soon after, I bought a 1976 911S with a credit card, as my sunny day car. I drove that thing all over America, from Key West, to LA, to San Fran and Yosemite, to Oregon, and back. Marriage, kids, and becoming a CPA in 1982 was a “fun car” detour, until 2014 when a Club member suggested it was time for a fun car again, a Carrera S. Everyone in the group at the track warned me of the slippery slope, that became a spec Boxster and trailer, and a Macan. Then I circled back around to using a single car, a 2007 Cayman S.

The common thread through this journey has been working as a practicing CPA, and having an accounting office in Flemington for years, so I thought I would like to be helpful and give back a bit, with a stint as Schattenbaum treasurer. As a member, its all about paying this fun forward and keeping the spirit alive, so I’m happy to join in and help.