Schattenbaum Drivers Education Program Mission Statement

Schattenbaum Drivers Education Program Mission Statement

Schattenbaum's Driver Education (DE) program is intended to help participants begin learning how to drive safely on an enclosed motorsports park.   Schattenbaum is committed to providing a comprehensive program employing a safe learning environment in which our members who choose to do so may learn and experience both their own and their cars' full potential for safe operation and car control on a motorsports park course. 

Driver Education is not a race program, nor are these race preparatory events.
They are not timed nor competitive events.

Driver Education not only provides sheer mental and physical exhilaration, but also enhances our members' overall driving skills.  These car control skills can lead to safer operation both on and off the motorsports park.   Many skills learned are directly transferable to and enhance defensive street operation.

Objectives for Beginning Driver Education Participants

The Schattenbaum Region PCA Driver Education program is designed to impart the beginner and novice participants with a solid foundation of car control knowledge.  The key notions taught form the basic building blocks upon which all driving skills are derived.  Students are taught safe driving skills on an enclosed motorsports park under the supervision of an instructor.  As a minimum, students will be taught the following:

  • How to drive the proper line of the motorsports park
  • How to utilize Turn-in, Apex, and Track-out points for navigation
  • Proper braking, shifting and cornering techniques
  • Proper seating, grasping of steering wheel, use of mirrors, etc.
  • Use of your vision (ocular driving), looking ahead, behind, etc.
  • Passing zones and no-passing zones
  • Use of passing signals and your responsibilities in both passing a car or being passed
  • General vehicle dynamics and car control
  • The number and names of corners and straights of the motorsports park
  • Motorsport park safety, corner worker techniques and responsibilities 
  • How to have fun and learn while meeting some very nice people