Front License Plate Mount Using Tow Hook

Difficulty Level 2

Difficulty scale:
Adding air to your tires is level one
Rebuilding a 911 Motor is level ten

Front License Plate Mount Using Tow Hook – Introduction

By Rob Cohen

This is the installation of the MOWER AXLE Front License Plate Tow Hook Mount Kit. Here is a step by step tutorial of the installation I did.

Product Manufacturer
Mower Deck Axle Co, LLC.
(607) 863-4208

First of all let me say it was a pleasure to do business with Larry at Mower Deck Axle Co. He is a true pro. Before ordering the kit I wanted a slight modification. In earlier sightings of this product the ending result placement of the plate was quite a bit to the left side of the car’s nose. I noticed this to be because the countersunk hole (in the plate) was in the center. I thought, what would this look like if the countersunk hole were as far to the left side of the plate as possible? In my eyes, that would move the plate to the right; if even a little. So I called Larry and he was more than happy to help me. Thank you Larry.

This installation is done on a Cayman, however the product is available for 911, Cayman and Boxter.

Front License Plate Mount Using Tow Hook – Detail

The product arrived well packaged to protect the parts:

There were even install and uninstall instructions!!! (Nice job Larry, didn’t expect that)

Here’s a look at the parts:     

Okay, so here we go.

STEP1: Remove the tow hook cover on the nose of the Cayman. As the Porsche manual states, it is easiest accomplished if you press in with your finger and the lower part of this cover.

Once the cover is popped out, it will be hanging by a plastic arrow shaped holder. Simply pull that arrow shaped holder through the plastic slot to permanently remove it. I kept this in a zip lock bag so I can put it back on my car at any time.

STEP2: Screw the aluminum stud into the tow hook hole. One note of preparation here. I took the opportunity to apply a coating of anti seize lubricant ($5.00 at the auto parts store) to the threads of the stud prior to screwing it in. I shot some into a paper towel then treated the threads.

STEP3: Prepare the plate for mounting by putting the flat head screw through the countersunk hole in the front of the plate and putting the star washer over that screw on the back side of the plate.

STEP4: This is what the current Moweraxle standard install offset will look like. As I mentioned earlier, the plate’s centered hole results in a far left offset on the nose of the car. Also if you notice the plate covers the lower air intake (or whatever that is down there), which I wanted to avoid.

STEP4 (my way): Here is what the resulting plate offset will look like when using my modified left-side countersunk hole. It results in moving the plate more to the right and none of the lower air intake is covered. Hurray my idea worked.

(clearance check): One thing Larry and I were not sure about was if the right side of the plate would end up touching the nose of the car; when using the modified left side hole approach. So I took an overhead shot to show the clearance. It still leaves 1 inch clearance.

PROJECT COMPLETE: So its all done and I’m happy with the way it came out. Finishing touch I recommend is adding your own plastic or metal license plate frame.

Front License Plate Mount Using Tow Hook – Summary

Well if you have to live in a state where they mandate that you must have a front license plate, to me, this is a very good alternative to screwing holes into your bumper. Why not use the one hole the manufacturer put there for you!